GAHarrison Building Services is a registered limited company in England and Wales under company number 9037604 with the purpose of domestic and commercial improvement and refurbishment, and is refered to as GAHarrison within this document. Our main trading and registered address is 82 Mill Bank, Headcorn, Kent, TN27 9RG

For the purpose of this document, the invoice payer is referred to as “the customer” or “the client”

The Following terms and condition may change without notice to reflect the market condition and trading standards.

Design Consultation

GAHarrison offers a free design consultation with no obligation. The design is for indication purposes only and final colours and shapes may not be reflected exactly. Should customer decide to accept the design, the final version of the design will be used to carry out the installation. The design must be confirmed by a survey visit.

Survey consultation

In order to assess the required work, GAHarrison will appoint one of its team member to carry a home visit free of charge. It the event that n additional home visit is required once the estimate as been raised (in order to amend the original estimate at the initiative of the client), this will be charged at the rate of £20 per visit.

Design and Survey visit may be carried out together during the same appointment, depending on availability


Estimates will be based on the information gathered during the design consultation, survey consultation and the information provided by the client. Client must ensure that all information provided are accurate otherwise, this may affect the final invoice.

Estimates are detailed and state whether the work is charged per unit or per hour. All furniture are listed, material is listed as a one off fee (for predicted material only).

Estimates are valid for a period a 30 days after which they will have to be reviewed.

It is important that you check your estimate(s) including description and material supplied as information on the estimate(s) will prevail.
All estimates have to be agreed either using the on-line facility or in writing (email/mail). When accepting your estimate we enter into a contract of services for which you have 14 days to cancel.

If you request the work to start before the expiry of 14 days, it is considered that you have agreed to wave your 14 days cancellation rights and any work carried out will be due.

Payment of deposit and start of work is considered to be full acceptance of the estimate and present terms and conditions including any annexes essential and part of this terms and conditions.

Availabilities & Bookings

We will offer a date for your work. Any date offered is indicative only and not a secured booking.
To secure your booking we will request a deposit. When a deposit is paid to us, this mean we guarantee we will not offer the agreed date to anyone else and we will do our best to keep the dates offered (unless major force beyond our control).


GAHarrison may ask for a deposit regardless of the estimate amount. Deposit are of 30% to the estimate total or of the material amount which ever is the greatest. We may reserve the right to offer a more favourable deposit scheme at our own discretion.

Deposit due dates are provided to you by email before your furniture is to be ordered. Please note deposit amount are due before any material is being purchase. It is the customer responsability to ensure deposit are paid on time, delay in receiving deposit would affect your starting date.

Acceptance of the estimate

Client are required to accept any estimates on-line. Dates for work completion can not be secured unless clients have agreed to their estimate.

Cancellation & cooling off period

The law states that you have 14 days to cancel should you wish to change your mind.
In order to cancel, simply fill in the cancellation document attached to your estimate on-line, or ask one via the online contact form and send it back to us via email or mail. If you have paid a deposit, this will be refunded minus any cost we have already incurred on your behalf (this includes but does not limit to material ordered, delivery charges…).
However should you wish to start your work before the cancellation period ends, please fill in the right to cancel waver form attached to your on-line estimate, or ask one via the online contact form.
Cancellation after the cancellation period: Your deposit will not be refundable and we reserve the right to claim any additional costs we have incurred

Completing your work

GAHarrison will agree with you of a date(s) to carry out the work required. GAHarrison will need to have access to the property, electricity and water during work completion. Your presence is recommended but not required. Should you be absent, you will be required to appoint a trusted person of contact for the purpose of getting and leaving the keys to the property safely.
GAHarrison will use covering and dust sheet on and around working area, however due to the nature of work fine dust can spread around. It is recommended that you should keep all rooms shut and that sensitive items should be removed prior to the work being carried out.

Left over material & furniture: Where there are left over material & furniture and it has been supplied by GAHArrison, it will remain the property of GAHarrison. You will only be charged the portion of furniture and material being used for your work and 10% off cuts/wastage where applicable.

Disclaimer: While undertaking refurbishment project it is common to see some issue being raised which are not the fact of GAHarrison and may impact the final invoice. Such issues are related to in our disclaimer which is fully part of our terms and conditions. It is important that you acknowledge this document and accept it as part of this present terms and conditions. To read the content of the disclaimer please click here


Where GAHarrison carries out the disposal of furniture and waste material, these become effectively the property of GAHarrison.

In most circumstances GAHarrison will use the services of HippoBags, this means a waste bag will be place on your property in a suitable place agreed with you in advance. Once the installation is complete GAHarrison will organise the collection of your waste bag, which generally takes place within 5 working days. However this is only an aim and not a guarantee. You should always consider the place where the bag will be positioned and the time it may be there for to avoid any disappointment (example grass below the bag may be damaged)

Work completion and satisfactory work

Should any issue regarding the quality of the work carried out, arise the customer is required to inform GAHarrison immediately. All work is being carefully checked and a hand over is completed with the customer to ensure full satisfaction. Should the work be finished in the absence of the customer, any issues on the quality of the work are to be raised within 7 days.

Without prejudice to the above or labour guarantee, full payment of final invoice is confirmation of full satisfaction of the work quality unless issue have been raised in writing prior to full payment.


In the unlikely event that a client should not be satisfied on work completion, GAHarrison will do their up-most to rectify any issues within reason. Where correction of the work is not possible GAHarrison will offer reasonable compensation by the mean of discount on invoice.

Accidental damage: in the event that one of our employee cause accidental damage to client’s belonging, this will be compensated on second hand value.
In any case, compensation can be awarded only based on an identified fault from GAHarrison. There will be no compensation for issues or incidents where the fault is not one of GAHarrison. GAHarrison will not be responsible for suppliers fault(s) and can’t offer compensation on behalf of any suppliers.


Invoice will be sent on work completion and is due immediately. If any extra work has been carried out compared to the original estimate this will be added onto the final invoice. Invoice are due immediately, client will receive a payment reminder after 7 days, 14 days and 30 days if the invoice remains unpaid. After 30 days action may be taken for the recovery of part or full amount of the invoice.

Extra work

Should any extra work need to be carried out for the completion of the final work, this will be discussed with the client and agreed by the client. The extra labour and material will be charged onto the final invoice.


GAHarrison accept the following payments method:

Bank transfer – Payments details are shown onto the invoice

Full payment is due on work completion. Payment reminder are being automatically generated after 7 days, 14 days and 30 days of any outstanding invoice. After 30 days action may be taken for the recovery of part or full amount of the invoice.

Please note as some bank may take up to 5 days to pay into another bank, clients should ensure to process to their payment so it reaches GAHarrison bank account on time to avoid any unwanted reminders.

Partial Payment

GAHarrison may require partial payment where work last for more than 5 days. Then partial payment can be ask for the work that has been carried out to the date the payment is required and no more. The reminder will still be due on work completion upon receiving the invoice from GAHarrison.


All client details are stored onto a secure on-line data base. Clients contact details are confidential and will not passed on to any other company unless agreed with the client for the purpose of the work completion, or gathering of feedback.

Customers may be contacted by GAHarrison for future work offers, when they become available. 

The customer has the right to request that his/her details are removed from our data base at anytime once the job has been completed.

We keep customers details for a minimum of 2 years in relation to guarantee. Beyond 2 years, customer details and files may be deleted and removed from our data base at anytime. 

Client’s on-line account

GAHarrison will create an on-line account for every estimate request. You can access your on-line account at any time, request a change in your personal information, view and queries your estimates or invoices, make on-line payments, print your estimates, invoices, receipts. A user name and password are created for you which you can change at any time.


GAHarrison offer its standard 24 months guarantee on all labour. Material and furniture have each their own individual guarantee of no less than 12 months.

GAHarrison labour is guaranteed of any malfunction or defect that has been caused by GAHarrison. Guarantee works where there is reasonable doubt that malfunction or defect have not been caused by the client and is as a result of a fault from GAHarrison. Guarantee works where the client has complied with the instructions provided by the furniture manufacturer and/or GAHarrison’s instructions where applicable.

Any malfunction or defect needs to be reported to GAHarrison within 7 days of discovery in order to be within the guarantee.

GAHarrison may advice the client on particular work to be carried out. Accepting/declining to carry the recommended work is the client’s responsibility. If any fault occur due to the client declining advice from GAHarrison, suppliers or manufacturers than GAHarrison’s responsibility will not be involved and repair of the damages or faults will be charged at normal rated.

Any repair to damages or faults occurring after the period of guarantee (24 months) and before 36 months, will be charged at a discounted rate.

Subcontractor & Employees

GAHarrison may from time to time appoint subcontractors or employees of GAHArrison to carry out in part or in full the work required. Client should not leave any money with any subcontractors or employees. Any money left to subcontractor or employee will not be counted towards to your invoice.
Subcontractors and employees of GAHarrison are recognisable by wearing GAHarrison shirt


Clients can view or leave GAHarrison’s ratings on the following tradesman website:


Ratings are important for us, and affect our future work prospects therefore when rating us please don’t hesitate to give us 5 stars (10 out of 10) ratings in every category. Should we fall short of an excellent rating, please contact us before so we can assist you. Our full contact details are available on the contact page.


In order to promote the quality of our work, GAHarrison may take before, during and after pictures of your premises where work has been carried out. You agree to give full rights of the pictures to GAHarrison.
Pictures will never be associated with your full name or personal details in a recognisable manner.
Pictures may be displayed onto our website, tradesman website and sent to future clients as example of our work and design suggestion. 

Accepting Terms & Condition

By accepting a home visit from GAHarrison and/or accepting your on-line estimate (also called quote), you accept the present terms & condition in full.