GAHarrison Building Services is a registered limited company in England and Wales under company number 9037604 with the purpose of domestic and commercial improvement and refurbishment. Our main trading and registered address is 82 Mill Bank Headcorn, TN27 9RG

The Following disclaimer may be changed and/or completed without prior notice to reflect the business practice.


It is not uncommon for boiler to hold pending faults, until they are turned off. In order to carry out your refurbishment, if GAHarrison’s installer or contractor has to turn your boiler off, pending fault may prevent it from restarting. In this event, GAHArrison will be happy to contact a heating engineer in order to return your boiler to working condition. The charge of the heating engineer will be added to your final invoice.
GAHarrison’s estimate is based on an existing plumbing conform to the current norms. Unfortunately existing pipe work may not always be to the expected standard and may require additional work from GAHarrison for adaptation and/or replacement of defective existing pipe work. As existing pipe work is not the fact of GAHarrison, this will be charged additionally to your final invoice.
Water pressure is checked on the tap during the survey consultation stage however the results may not always be fully accurate as it is also affected by your current furniture. Should any new installed furniture not work as expected we may recommend to install a pump or replace the furniture to low/high pressure furniture. Any replacement or new installation will be charged at normal price on final invoice, any furniture returned complete and in good condition will be refunded.


It is very important to understand that any electrical work is estimated only. Estimate are base on a predictable starting price in line with most common findings. As it is not possible to predict existing cabling at the stage of estimate real work may vary greatly with unexpected fault due to existing cabling. Our electrician can only carry out work on up to date and to norms system. If your system is not up to date, you will be offered to update it. Any additional work will be discussed in advance and before any additional charge is incurred. All additional charges will be on final invoice.


It is common to find that walls and ceiling are not straight, our carpenter would have discusses alternative where available to reduce any visible misshapes. However misshapes are not always removable especially where furniture has to be made removable.
Where plaster condition is not visible from the outside (behind tiling), it may be difficult to evaluate the amount of work needed until the plasterer has personally evaluated the repairs needed. Any additional plastering work will be added onto final invoice.


At the time of estimate, GAHarrison checks that all furniture offered is available from our suppliers. Unfortunately it may happen that from the date of the estimate to the date of the work being carried out some or all the furniture offered may no longer be available (end of line/out of stock) from our suppliers, or prices may have changed from the original estimate. Where possible GAHarrison will offer similar furniture to similar price. As we do not control our supplier’s stocks, where price differ the new price will apply on final invoice. Any change in furniture offered/supplied will be discussed prior to installation.


GAHarrison always order furniture and material within reasonable time scale in line with each supplier’s delivery schedule. GAHarrison does not have a stocking yard and we can only stock a limited number of items. Where supplier’s delivery are delayed this happens without fault of ours and we cannot compensate for supplier’s late deliveries.

Responsibility of others

In general terms GAHarrison is not responsible for the fact of others who are not under GAHarrison’s direct responsibility / supervision and we cannot be help responsible for the faults. As a result no compensation will be offered for fault which are not the direct responsibility of GAHarrison’s personnel.


GAHarrison’s employees and subcontractors have strict instruction not to communicate any price and not to discuss any prices with the end client. Employees and subcontractor working in the client’s premises are under control of GAHarrison and work for the company (GAHarrison). Any price disclosure will be in breach of their contract.

Accepting disclaimer

By accepting a home visit from GAHarrison and/or accepting your on-line estimate, you accept the present disclaimer in full and as part of the terms and conditions. By accepting this disclaimer you understand that the list above is not exhaustive and other similar issue may occur. These are not the responsibility of GAHarrison and will be charge to your final invoice.